Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sing A Song Of Science

Oh, hello! That's right, I have this blog over here to chat about cool science-y things. I haven't forgotten about this space, I promise; we've just been busy with other things and have not had much time to do any extra projects recently. But as we start the countdown to summer vacation, I am definitely gearing up for some science activities with the kids.

In the meantime, may I recommend a few songs about science?

We've been having a blast listening to and watching Here Comes Science, the latest children's release by They Might Be Giants. Some of the songs are just silly fun, but some of them are truly educational. For example, my four year old now can name the planets in order thanks to repeated playings of How Many Planets. Fun for the whole family!

For the grown-ups, here are a few entertaining offerings.

PCR song I
PCR song II (GTCA)
These are actually advertisements for the company Bio Rad, but they are extremely clever (and catchy!)

A Biologist's Mother's Day Song. (Thanks to my brother for sending this my way! He passed it on in a timely fashion; I am just slow in getting it posted here.)

And finally, a classic (in my family, at least): The Elements, by Tom Lehrer. Good stuff, that.

Anyone else have some scientific tunes that they'd like to share? We're all ears, harhar. Happy listening, and check back soon to see what we've got cooking here (literally!)--should be fun!


Mike and Harriet said...

Thanks for reminding us about Mr. Lehrer - we played his 'stuff' in the car coming home. Although strictly speaking New Math isn't science, it is 'interesting'

Love, Dad and Mom

Heather said...

No songs but my kids just checked out a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD from the library yesterday. They are on their 10th viewing!

It's from 1993 - the prodution values are painful but the info is well presented.